Keios is a multidisciplinary consulting company providing planning, design and technical assistance services in the fields of urban and regional development, cultural heritage and sustainable tourism.



We are an independent company established in 1984 in Rome, Italy. Since then, we have successfully undertaken a wide range of development projects ranging from countrywide strategies to individual site planning and design.
We have delivered high quality services in many areas including the Mediterranean, Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.



We are committed to understand the challenges of our clients and delivering excellence in professional services, with a specific focus on contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 UN Agenda.



We work in collaboration with a well-established network of international, regional and local partners sharing our values, approach and working methods.

Quality management system

We operate under an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certified for technical assistance for development programmes, land and town planning, strategic and physical planning of development projects based on cultural heritage and sustainable tourism, architectural design of restoration, adaptive re-use and new buildings.

Regional and urban development

Our expertise in the field covers a full range of services including policies and strategies, master planning, urban upgrading and regeneration projects.


Heritage and development

Our work has taken place in several sites inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List such as the Charterhouse of San Lorenzo at Padula (Italy), the cultural heritage of Niger, the Medina of Fez (Morocco), the Walled City of Lahore (Pakistan), the city of Kandy (Sri Lanka) and the city of Berat (Albania).


Sustainable Tourism

Our experience in the sector ranges from national master plans to feasibility studies and design of tourism destinations.


Public amenities

Public amenities contribute to the improvement of the living standards and socio-economic inclusion of local communities.
We incorporate in our designs strong “green building” concepts, conceived not only as a high technology exercise: we believe that sustainability in design is achieved also by rediscovering and understanding traditional building concepts that can be re-proposed as founding elements in contemporary design.


Our services cover a full range of planning and design scales, from laws and policies, nation-wide master plans, regional and urban plans, to urban upgrading and regeneration projects, feasibility studies and architectural design.
These activities are carried out in our leading sectors of sustainable tourism, urban development and cultural heritage, often with a holistic approach.