REGIONAL AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT Policies, laws and strategies.
Regional plans and master plans.
Urban development, regeneration and upgrading plans.
SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Policies and legal frameworks.
National and regional master plans.
Feasibility studies and design of tourism destinations.
HERITAGE AND DEVELOPMENT Strategic plans and action programmes.
Design of conservation and adaptive reuse.
Site presentation, interpretation and signage.

Keios is a multidisciplinary consulting company providing planning, design and technical assistance services in the fields of urban and regional development, cultural heritage and sustainable tourism.



We are committed to understand the challenges of our clients and delivering excellence in professional services, with a specific focus on contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 UN Agenda.



We are an independent company established in 1984 in Rome, Italy. We have successfully undertaken a wide range of development projects in many countries ranging from national strategies to individual site planning and design.



We work in collaboration with a well-established network of international, regional and local partners sharing our values, approach and working methods.


Our services cover a full range of planning and design scales, from laws and policies, nation-wide master plans, regional and urban plans, to urban upgrading and regeneration projects, feasibility studies and architectural design.
These activities are carried out in our leading sectors of sustainable tourism, urban development and cultural heritage, often with a holistic approach.

Sustainable tourism development plan for Bethlehem urban area


Tourism Destination Planning and Design

Sierra Leone

Tourism Strategy and Action Plan

Saint Lucia

Master Plans for the Cities of Port-Gentil, Lambaréné, Mouila and Tchibanga


Urban Upgrading of Berat and Përmet Cities


Urban Development Plan for North Balbala