Sector plans in Cameroon

Keios has been invited by the Cameroon Inclusive Resilient Development Cities Project, funded by the World Bank to submit a proposal for the Douala and Yaoundé sector plans.

Slums upgrading in Djibouti-city

The city of Djibouti has a Master Plan, prepared by Keios in 2012-2014, which sets out the main directions for its future development. However, the urban sprawl of the capital has led to an increase in slums, very dense and…

Sharing Keios experience and lessons learned

Keios managing director Raffaele Gorjux, and project manager Enrico Esposito, have contributed with a short video about company experience, to “Tender Lab”, a training to support consulting firms in preparing effective proposals for tenders, launched by International Financing Institutions. The…