Preparation of a Spatial Planning Act and a set of Spatial Planning Standards



Royal Government of Bhutan, Ministry of Works & Human Settlement,
Department of Human Settlement
Thimphu, Bhutan


Keios (Italy)





Project Description

The overall objective of the project is to improve planning in Bhutan through the preparation of a Spatial Planning Act and of a set of Spatial Planning Standards to guide the orderly physical and sustainable development of human settlements, and support the implementation of the relevant national policies.

Specifically, the work addressed the following issues

    • the institutional and legal framework for the planning system in Bhutan;
    • the legal powers to the Government to regulate preparation, implementation and administration of plans;
    • levels, categories and frequency of plans to be prepared;
    • procedures for preparation, approval and implementation of plans;

provide for the adoption of relevant regulations, guidelines and standards.

The technical standards cover:

  • the road network;
  • controlling scale and intensity of development;
  • provision of amenities; and
  • public areas.

Scope of Services

Preparation of the Spatial Planning Act and standards, and a set of Spatial Planning Standards.