Urban plans of some areas of Djbouti-City



Government of the Republic of Djibouti
(Djibouti Social Development Agency)


Keios (Italy)




2014 – underway

Project Description

Djibouti City has recently adopted a Master Plan, prepared by Keios, which sets the guidelines for the city’s future development. The Master Plan aims at strengthening the role of the city as national and sub-regional economic hub.
From the point of view of its urban development, new extension areas have been identified, aiming at increasing the attractiveness of the city vis-à-vis local and foreign investors. It is expected that future urban growth will increase pressure on land use.
To contain and control the new areas of urbanization and to facilitate the effective implementation of the Master Plan, the Government has decided to develop urban development plans (PAU) of some areas, namely those of Khor Ambado, Balbala and Nagad. These plans will provide detailed land-use regulation in terms of housing, roads, urban services and economic infrastructure.
The plans will include:
the creation of a high quality public space;
the lay-out of development mixed-use areas;
the creation of all necessary urban services;
areas for handicraft and small-scale industrial activities with high employment density;
the network of primary, secondary and tertiary roads;
the water supply, electricity and sanitation networks.
The plans will take into account the guidelines set forth by the Master Plan.

Scope of Services

Elaboration of the Urban Plans through the following different phases: preliminary concept; preliminary design; final design.

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