Cultural heritage and development

The complexity of development projects based on cultural heritage lies in finding the right balance between past and present, historic preservation and economic development.
We strongly believe that managing such a “conflict” is the key challenge for this type of projects.
We have a wide expertise in the field of heritage-related projects, with a specific focus on the conservation and development of cultural resources.
Our work has taken place in a variety of settings throughout the world, including several sites inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage List such as the Charterhouse of San Lorenzo at Padula (Italy), the cultural heritage of Niger, the Medina of Fez (Morocco), the Walled City of Lahore (Pakistan) and the city of Kandy (Sri Lanka).

Our experience

Our services

  • Policies, strategic plans and action programmes.
  • Historical investigations, context studies, socio-economic analyses.
  • Digital mapping, thematic mapping, and GIS services.
  • Site presentation, interpretation and signage systems.
  • Design and technical assistance for restoration, rehabilitation and adaptive re-use projects.
  • Site interpretation and signage systems.

Key projects

Sustainable development of the walled city of Lahore


Heritage trails in the Medina

 Fez, Morocco

Master plan and planning of the Cultural Village in Kigali