Since 1995 we have successfully undertaken a wide range of development projects in different countries, ranging from countrywide strategy to individual site planning and design.

Master plans of Brazzaville e Pointe Noire

 Republic of Congo

National Sustainable Tourism Strategic Plan


Heritage trails in the Medina

 Fez, Morocco

Sustainable development of the walled city of Lahore


Consulting Services to Develop a Tourism Master Plan


Master plan and planning of the Cultural Village in Kigali


Preparation of a Spatial Planning Act and a set of Spatial Planning Standards


Urban plans of some areas of Djbouti-City


City Regeneration and Modernization

 Boutilimit, Mauritania

Sustainable Tourism Development in the Gilgit-Baltistan Region


Common Services Buildings in the Port of Taranto

 Taranto, Italy

Wadi Araba Integrated Development Master Plan


Preliminary project for the second university in Dakar


New urban centre

 Marrakech, Marocco

Master plan of Djibouti-City


Master plan for the university campus

 Cassino, Italia

Implementing the sustainable tourism master plan of Rwanda


Entoto city – view destination development

 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Secondary Cities Revitalization Study


Cultural heritage preservation and development

 Douala, Camerun