Emergency Covid19

As the emergency of COVID-19 has hit hard Italy, our country, together with many more, Keios has found its way not to stop. Out team is keeping up the good work from home and ensuring the necessary follow-up to our…

Making Ethiopian cities more sustainable

Keios, in association with Frontieri Consult PLC (Ethiopia), has been shortlisted by the Urban Institutional and Infrastructure Development Program (Ethiopia) funded by the World Bank, for the consultancy services to prepare model densification standards for urban centres in Ethiopia.

Urban parks in Benin

Keios has been invited by the Agence du Cadre de Vie pour le Développement du Territoire of Benin to submit a proposal for the design of the urban parks of Fifadji and Houéyiho in Cotonou.

Urban Development in Uzbekistan

Keios has been invited by the Asian Development Bank to submit a proposal for City and Regional Strategic Development Planning in the framework of the Urban Development and Improvement Projects in the Republic of Uzbekistan.