Airports are closed, countries are in lockdown or slowly restarting, intercontinental flights are not yet open. But development can’t stop!

As an international consultancy firm, we are learning to work differently and experiment with new ways of interaction with our clients and with the stakeholders of our projects.

On May 18, 19 and 20 the Keios team presented to the Government of Djibouti and local stakeholders the Plan de Développement Urbain of Balbala Nord using a web videoconferencing platform. Our local team was on site, in full compliance with the all the safety measures in force. The workshop was very successful in delivering the outlines of the plan and receiving valuable feedback from the participants. The final meeting was chaired by Madam the Minister of Housing.

 The Plan de Développement Urbain of Balbala Nord, framed within the Programme Zéro Bidonville, aims at delivering a strategic framework for future urban upgrading actions in Balbala North, a large township in Djbouti-City with major issues related to urban poverty, informal settlements and lack of urban services.