The joint venture of Keios and Thinking Consulting (Palestine) has been selected by the Palestinain National Authority to develop a Sustainable Tourism and Visitor Economy Development Plan for the Bethlehem Urban Area.
Bethlehem is the second major visitor destination in Palestine after Jerusalem.

The plan will provide guidance, strategies, and a set of deliverable projects, programs, and activities to the municipalities and villages within the Bethlehem Urban Area, enhancing the area’s position as a globally competitive and economically productive tourism and visitor destination, while preserving and enhancing cultural and heritage assets and promoting environmental sustainability.

The contract is financed by the World Bank, within the framework of the Integrated Cities and Urban Development Project. With this project, the WB is assisting the Palestinian National Authority in enhancing the capacity of five urban areas (Nablus, Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah and Gaza City) to plan for sustainable urban growth.